Scott's Irish Whisky

Angus Scott

Angus Scott was a master distiller, distilling moonshine from the local water for many years before the first legal distillery was built.

1780 ship
1788 - 1798
The Move

When Angus Scott was caught by the local excise man, Angus emigrated to America where he became a bourbon distilling millionaire. With his time away he formed a secret recipe that he would one day bring back to his hometown. Unfortunately for the surrounding area, Angus stored the recipe away in the family treasure as he retired with the money he made overseas.

In The Beginning

The first recorded distillery in Garrison was in 1798. Though this was a project that Angus worked on when arriving home. Not much information in the area stated that he done it for long or how successful it was in the area.

Logo 2022
The 21st Century

Sticking with our famous ancestor Angus and his famous recipe found, Scott's Irish Whisky went from an idea to a reality.

Breaking Ground

Scott's Irish started construction on the distillery area were the famous Angus once distilled.

Distillery in Place

Steel frames started within the area and just like that, the creation of Scott's Irish Whisky Distillery had started to come to life.

Main Building Complete

The distillery is starting to come to life, from steel frames to an outstanding building where smooth golden Scott's Irish Whisky is produced. Still so much to build but a great start.

first batch centered
The Launch

Scott's Irish Whisky has got it's release date and the excitement of the whisky world behind it.

Whisky Auction
Breaking Records

The very First Batch ever created was sent to Auction at The London Irish Centre. Where it sold for £11,000 which makes it the highest selling bottle of whisky in all of Europe.

Only Getting Started...

A new guilt free bottle of whisky had been produced where you can taste the smooth golden liquid without losing any value.

IMG_20220621_17223 copy
Killik & Co

Dani Wallace enjoying a Scott's Irish Whisky at London Luxury Law summit at Killik & Co.

The British Museum

Scott's Irish Whisky at The British Museum, Were we were delighted to offer the conference attendees a taste of our luxury whisky.

Scotts Irish - Third Batch - Bottle & Box
Third Batch

Welcome our new Third Batch Edition of our Scott's Irish Whisky Collection.

Arriving in Germany

Scott`s Irish Whisky launch at Limburg Whisky fayre in Germany.

WSTA Summer Get Together 2023
WSTA 2023

Scott`s Irish Whisky sponsored the WSTA Summer Get Together event.

WSTA Summer Get Together 2023
Arriving In India

Scott`s Irish Whisky visits Mumbai in India.

WSTA Summer Get Together 2023
Aspire Lounge

Launching in the new Aspire Lounge in Belfast City Airport.