Scott's Irish Whisky

Third Batch

Third Batch 50cl est. 2022

We have used the same recipe from our First Batch only with this batch, you can certainly open this one.
Made with pure water using only the finest ingredients blended with peated malted barley for length, followed by rye and corn for sweetness.

Matured in Chablis barrels for complexity and to apply a grand cru standard, ensuring an uncompromising quality whisky to the same exacting standard as Angus’ original blend.

Tasting Notes ⇀


Chablis Barrels




Spicy roasted barley, rich caramel and vanilla. Gentle peat smoke. In addition, a clear freshness and sparkling white wine acidity from the Chablis wine barrel


Gentle peat and spicy rye, toasted aromas. The first sip represents the peak of these tart aromas. Now the spiciness is gradually balanced by a fresh sweetness coming from the Chablis cask: light grape sweetness and typical white wine acidity with the vanilla/caramel aromas from the nose


The sweetness turns into a distinct manuka honey. The mouth becomes slightly dry and mineral. Above all, the influence of the noble wine remains! Smoky honey sticks to the back of the palate. An approachable Whisky with a complex and unique interplay of ingredients and flavours that leaves you wanting more

How To Drink:

Enjoy neat, with ice or a small drop of still water