Scott's Irish Whisky

Who is Scott's Irish?

We are a distillery nestled in a small village called Garrison in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, surrounded by outstanding beauty.

The Lough Melvin surrounds the area and with the Roogagh River travelling behind our premises, were we just had to use this purest water to create our whisky.

If you are in the facilities you will understand why we regard this area as we do.

We made our first whisky in 2020 using the secret ingredients we recovered from our ancestor Angus in the 1780's.

Although the vision was over 200 years old, it took one of the Scott's remaining family member to make the dream come alive again in the 21st Century.

The Distillery

On August 2020 we had completed our main building for the distillery.

Unfortunately we are not ready to invite anyone on site yet, we are currently expanding the site with  new buildings to maximise our production.

*Update 2024*

Construction still ongoing.