Scott's Irish Whisky



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We are Scott's Irish Whisky

We are situated in a small village called Garrison in Co. Fermanagh, surrounded by outstanding beauty.

We made our first whisky in 2019 and have never looked back.

But the story goes beyond that. In fact it goes back to the start of 1790’s,  whenever the vision and the legend of Angus Scott came into play in the very same site that we distil in today.

To read into more of how our story was told go to ‘Our Story‘ page.

Our vision of the company grows everyday, I think this comes with the help of our customers contributing their opinion of how great our award winning whisky is. So we want to give back to them and have more to offer when it comes to showing off the inside scoop of how our whisky is made.

We have completed our distillery building in August 2022.

Our plans for the future of Scott’s include:

  • Distillery Tours
  • A Whisky School
  • Accommodation For All Whisky Lovers 

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